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Join Fruitful Creativity Studio

Grow Your Faith, Develop Your Creative Skills
& Cultivate a Fruitful Life

Are you hungry for a closer walk with Jesus?

Does your soul need refreshing? Do you want to grow your creative skills? 

This membership is for you!  

Just $7.99/month - Cancel at any time!

Join the membership that nurtures your soul while feeding your faith
so you can walk in
abundant fruitfulness.

🌟 πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ 
It was an easy YES! 

I love the studio because of all the great ideas I get and inspiration and learning about different ways to be creative! This is why I joined!

-Kassy V.

You know that abiding in the vine (Jesus) is the key to living a fruitful life...


The Problem Is...


Time & Space

With all your responsibilities as a wife, mom, sister, friend, teacher, student, auntie, grandma, caregiver, etc., it can be difficult to find the time and space to connect deeply with Jesus.


Doubt Creeps In

When you're doubting if you can hear God clearly, it can feel like you're trying to tune into a radio frequency that keeps drifting out of range.

Distorted View

Because we (here in the Western world) live in a culture dominated by left-brain thinking, which prioritizes logic and rational thinking over creative and relational thinking, (right-brain functions), you may have a distorted view of the path to true joy and peace. 

Left-Brain Bias

God intends for us to use both sides of our brain, yet most church services and programs give very little opportunity to engage your right-brain. You are expected to reach spiritual maturity by listening to sermons, studying the Bible or memorizing Scripture (all left-brain activities.) When you do all those things and still lack victory, you feel like something is wrong with you. 

Engaging your right-brain through the POWER of πŸŒ·PRETTY & 🎨 CREATIVITY is the
πŸ—οΈ KEY
 to unlock ongoing SPIRITUAL GROWTH!

But let me guess...

You've tried to employ both your left AND right brain
to supercharge your spiritual growth but...

  • You have always believed that you don’t have a 🎨 creative bone in your body, so you don’t even know πŸ“„ where to begin.

  • Whenever you start a creative project, you find it difficult to get rid of the feeling that you πŸ₯Ή should be doing something more productive.

  • You're enthusiastic and have great πŸ’‘ ideas, but when you try to put them on paper, they never turn out how they look in your mind, πŸ˜• so you finally quit trying.

  • You've spent more time than you care to admit πŸ”Ž searching Pinterest, Etsy and Amazon for the perfect creative tools & supplies ...  only to leave frustated πŸ˜« because you either can't find what you're looking for, don't know what you need, or don't want to spend that much πŸ’΅ .

  • You've bought a ton of πŸŽ€ pretty printables, Bible journaling templates and digital downloads, but you never actually use them because either you 🧐can't figure out how to use them, or you can't find them πŸ‘€ amonst all the clutter on your computer, or you πŸ€ͺ forgot you even had them.

  • Your friends, family & church group πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ don't understand your passion for πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ creativity, which makes you feel rejected, alone and πŸ˜₯ not normal.

Don't worry...

I've got some REALLY GREAT NEWS for you...

Living a FRUITFUL life is not just a dream,

but a tangible reality with this unique resource. 

It's like a divine bridge, connecting your creative passion with your spiritual journey. 


The Fruitful Creativity Studio

a space where faith and creativity converge to spark a life brimming with joy and fruitfulness

fruitful creativity studio mockup

Get a plethora of pretty printables, digital downloads, video tutorials, and more!

- thoughtfully & beautifully organized
for quick & easy access -

for ONLY $7.99/month!

🌟 πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ 
Absolutely love the fruitful studio! 

Having a creative outlet and way to connect with God...has become such a crucial part of my walk with him.

-Wendy L.

Imagine how it will feel to:

Deepen your connection to God

Find delight in the Word of God

Have fun creating pretty things

What's Inside the Studio?

🌟 πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ 
There is so much here it just amazes me! 

The Studio is packed with so much creative ideas and treasures to help you grow in the Word. There are so many pages to color, to journal, and to learn from. Anything within its pages will help you in your relationship with God to grow and be nurtured. I love JoDitt's art and creativity and it has enabled me to grow in my faith and in my walk with the Lord.

-Debbie B.


πŸŽ€ Beautifully-Designed Printables & Digital Downloads

Created by JoDitt Designs & other
faith-filled creators

- with more added every month!

⬇️ Click to view all the categories
  • Printable wall art featuring Bible verses & inspirational quotes

  • Printable templates & cards for faith journaling & prayer journaling

  • Printable & digital Bible study guides & journals

  • Scripture coloring pages

  • Printable & digital stickers, clipart & graphics

  • Scripture memory cards

  • Printable & digital planners, calendars & faith planner inserts

  • Digital paper & patterns for backgrounds

  • Templates for Bible journaling in the margins or use as bookmarks

  • Lettering practice worksheets

  • Designs for greeting cards or sharing encouragement on social media

  • Digital journals (with tabs & hyperlinks for use on iPad)

  • Procreate brushes, stamps and color palettes

Pretty Printables Catalog


πŸŽ₯ Video Tutorials, Workshops, eBooks, Guides & More

Created by JoDitt Designs & other
faith-filled creators

- with more added every month!

⬇️ Click to view all the categories
  • Coloring tutorials (for both paper & iPad) 

  • Bible study workshops

  • Bible journaling tips for beginners

  • Sign language worship training & tutorials

  • iPad creativity tutorials

  • Principles of design trainings

  • Journaling tutorials (both paper & iPad)

  • Hand lettering tutorials (both paper & iPad)

  • How to hear God workshop

  • Biblical word study workshops

  • Organizing & productivity workshops

🌟 πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ 

I love the Monthly challenges and Bible reading plans.



Monthly Mission

Every month you'll receive an art/creativity prompt as well as a Faith Focus to help you be intentional with your spiritual and creative growth. 

The Faith Focus will include things like Bible reading plans, Bible study methods, prayer strategies, sign language worship and more.

The art/creativity prompts may focus on a specific skill, (like watercolor or hand lettering,) on a principle of design, (like dominance or color theory,) or on a specific theme (like fruit) or a combination of any of the above.


Monthly Gathering 

Our monthly online gatherings are a safe space for you to connect with like-minded creative enthusiasts, share your experiences, and learn from others.

You will also get a chance to ask JoDitt any questions you have.

The gatherings will take place on Zoom or a similar-type platform. Members will get to vote on the date and time of day.


The Dream Dashboard

This will save you so much ⏰ time and 😣 frustration!!!

All the printables, downloads, designs and tutorials are
thoughtfully organized within a
beautiful, filterable, and searchable catalog
--- for quick & easy access.


The Dream Dashboard presents each file as a beautiful image instead of hiding them away inside unattractive folders or behind word-based tags.

Looking for that certain file that you liked?

Just scroll through the dashboard.

Your eyes will spot it...

quickly & easily!

FUN FACT: Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text!

  • Printable wall art featuring Bible verses & inspirational quotes

  • Printable templates & cards for faith journaling & prayer journaling

  • Printable & digital Bible study guides & journals

  • Scripture coloring pages

  • Printable & digital stickers, clipart & graphics

  • Scripture memory cards

  • Printable & digital planners, calendars & faith planner inserts

  • Digital paper & patterns for backgrounds

  • Templates for Bible journaling in the margins or use as bookmarks

  • Lettering practice worksheets

  • Designs for greeting cards or sharing encouragement on social media

  • Digital journals (with tabs & hyperlinks for use on iPad)

  • Procreate brushes, stamps and color palettes

dream dashboard


Looking for a coloring page or lettering worksheet to enhance your Bible study on the topic of grace?

Easy peasy. Just filter by Category, (choose Coloring Page), then by Theme and choose Grace.

PNG filter for digital stickers
Grace coloring page filter

Want a digital sticker of a purple cross to use in your digital prayer journal? 

No problem. Just filter by File Type, then by Design Element, then Color.

Looking for resources around a specific Scripture? Just type in the Bible verse address.

Yes, it really is that simple!

🌟 πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ  πŸŒŸ 

I like that everything is now in one place!

I have purchased items from JoDitt before and I highly recommend her products to those that want to brighten their Bible Studies.

Her products are priced well, and easy to work with, I love her products! Joining the Studio was an easy choice.

-loyal member

See the Dashboard in Action

Find exactly what you are looking for... quickly and easily!

Hi, I'm JoDitt!

I'm the creative force behind Fruitful Creativity Studio. I've always had an unquenchable thirst for creativity, and a heart that yearns for a deeper connection with God.

My story with God started when I was in the 3rd grade, a little girl who just met Jesus but struggled to hear His voice clearly. I couldn't understand why I wasn't hearing God like others claimed they did, and it became a quest that would shape my life in unimaginable ways.

In my mid-30s, the road led me back to college, where I majored in Visual Communications. At the time, I didn't realize how the knowledge I was gaining would later become a catalyst for spiritual growth and development.

It was a revelation that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, and they can improve learning by up to a whopping 400 percent! And not just that, visuals stimulate our imagination, enabling us to process information faster.

This discovery was transformative! It revolutionized my relationship with God, and I realized the practice of Bible journaling could do the same for countless others.

Creativity, even in simple forms like coloring, can shift our thinking from left-brain to right-brain, creating a conducive environment to hear God. It was a eureka moment for me when I realized that I'd been hearing God all along, but I just hadn't recognized His voice.

Jesus said I am the vine, you are the branches.

We are made to bear fruit!

In John 15, Jesus reminds us that we are chosen to bear fruitβ€”fruit that will last, but we can't do this alone. We need to remain, to abide in Him, for apart from Him, we can do nothing. This scripture resonates with me deeply.

(Yes, I created this card and taped it inside my bathroom cabinet so that I will be reminded of it every morning while getting dressed.)

I find that integrating creativity into my spiritual disciplines helps me more easily abide in Christ, and in turn, bear more fruit.

Inspired by this realization, I wanted to create resources that would help others on their spiritual growth journey. 

You no longer have to pick & choose!

I started out by creating Bible verse wall art and then self-publishing a devotional coloring book, and then a few more, while also filling my online shop with pretty printables, digital downloads, tutorials, courses and more.

Perhaps you have purchased some of my products from my online shop or one of my books from Amazon.

Well, no longer do you have to pick and choose which products to purchase because...

I am now making them ALL available to you, along with products from other faith-filled creators too - in a way that is efficient and easy to access - all for less than the cost of ONE of my books.

Delight in the Word of God coloring books by JoDitt

What Our Members Say

I like the convenience of everything being together!


I love having digitals in black/while outline to give me the freedom to color as I like, many thanks for your hard work on this site.


I love everything about the Fruitful Creativity Studio!


Join at the 🌱 SPROUT level and get everything mentioned above

- at just $7.99/month.

You & your family will be able to use everything in the studio to help you
🌱 grow in faith and 🎨 creativity

Additionally, many of the printables are great for making
thoughtful, custom 🎁 gifts
for friends, family & loved ones.


If you want to supercharge your growth, and help others grow too,
the 🌸 BLOOM level is for you. 

You will get additional tools and support to
help you
🌻 bloom, bear πŸ‡ fruit and

disperse seeds to help others 🌷 bloom too.

🌷Bloom Member Perks

Tools & resources to help you uplevel your art & design skills,
become more confident in who God says you are,
and use the seeds from the fruit of your labor to
sow into the lives of others

Canva Templates & Training

Get beautiful Canva templates that you can customize to suit your needs - for personal use AND small ministry use.

Tweak the colors, change the Bible verses, backgrounds, illustrations, fonts and more to customize & create your own Scripture memory cards, coloring pages, prayer templates, wall art, Bible reading plans, calendars, planner pages, and more...

with new templates added every month!

Perfect to enhance your personal Bible journaling or for creating supplemental resources to correlate with a specific Bible verse, theme or project.

For example, customize a coloring page or lettering worksheet with the exact Bible verse from your lesson - in the translation you prefer! 

You will also have opportunity to request specific templates or designs to be added to the catalog.

Small Ministry Leader License 

The Leader License grants permission to use select printables, downloads and Canva templates to help others grow in faith and creativity*. 

Whether you are a homeschool co-op organizer, Sunday school teacher, womens ministry leader, senior activities director, or youth group leader, you will find visually attractive and creativity-stimulating resources to enhance your curriculum and enrich your student/member's faith and creativity growth journeys.

Easily add πŸŽ€ beauty and style to your handouts, slides, prayer cards and more with themed backgrounds, illustrations or clipart.

Connect with other ministry leaders, get inspiration, and ask questions at the monthly Leader Connection (virtual meeting). 

*for churches with up to 250 members or gatherings of up to 100 people 

Design Lab

I know first-hand that the best and fastest way to uplevel your art & design skills is to get personalized feedback on your designs. 

That's why every month you will have the opportunity to submit one or more of your own designs or projects for review by yours truly (JoDitt) or other creative professionals.

You'll be amazed at how much progress you can make in a short amount of time with individualized attention and constructive feedback and instruction, as well as what you can learn from feedback given to other members. 

You will also get a chance to get live feedback or ask design questions in the monthly virtual Design Lab sessions.

It will be like being in a high level college course...

but without the high price tag.

🌷More Bloom Member Perks

Not only can you utilize all the printables to create beautiful custom gifts for friends and family, but BLOOM members can also use the printables and Canva templates to host gift-making parties --- at your church, classroom, homeschool co-op, womens ministry events, etc.

Bloom members will also have additional opportunities to
get their questions answered and connect with other members.

Also, Bloom members will be invited to

additional monthly virtual events, such as:

  • Creative Worship & Prayer Sessions

  • Member Hangouts

  • ShopTalk Sessions

  • Studio Co-Working Hours

  • Join 🌷 BLOOM now
    for just $17.99/mo

    or save over 25% as a
    πŸ’ BOUQUET member for just $77/6 mo.


    πŸ’BOUQUET members also receive...

    Dream Dashboard as a
    Notion Template

    This allows you to add your own downloads to your Dream Dashboard
    in your own Notion account, so you can filter and search EVERYTHING
    (items from Fruitful Creativity Studio AND items from other creators)
    all together, all at once,
    instead of having to open a million folders to find what you need.

    You will have a beautiful πŸ’ bouquet of resources at your fingertips!

    Watch the video below to see how it works.

    What Our Members Say

    I love the studio because of all the great ideas I get and inspiration and learning about different ways to be creative! This is why I joined!

    KASSY V.

    Absolutely love the fruitful studio. I have had some issues with depression over the past several years. Having a creative outlet and way to connect with God through it has become such a crucial part of my walk with him. He gave us the gift of being creative and this is a great way to share with others and get inspiration with other believers.

    WENDY L.

    I cannot wait to finally be able to find a coloring page for whatever it is that is in my life!

    GINA P.

    Are You Ready to Cultivate a Fruitful Life?

    🌱 Sprout


  • Dream Dashboard

  • Pretty Printables Catalog

  • Learning Library

  • Monthly Missions

  • Monthly Gatherings

  • New Designs & Tutorials Every Month


    🌷 Bloom


  • Everything in Sprout

  • Additional Monthly Events & Connection Opportunities

  • Canva Templates & Training

  • Leader License & Networking

  • Design Lab

  • New Canva Templates Every Month


    πŸ’ Bouquet

    $77/6 months

  • Everything in Sprout

  • Everything in Bloom Monthly

  • Dream Dashboard Notion Template & Training

  • Canva Template Request Priority

  • Design Review Priority

  • Other Special Perks TBA

    $77/6 months

    You may be wondering...

    When will I get access?

    As soon as you complete checkout, you will receive an email with your access instructions. You will have immediate access to everything in the Studio. New items will be added throughout the month.

    Can I really cancel anytime?

    Yes, it is quick and easy to cancel anytime! You will receive instructions on how to cancel in your Welcome email and can also access the instructions inside your members area. No need to contact us to cancel. However, if you prefer, you can send an email to [email protected].

    What happens if I cancel?

    Sprout members who cancel will lose access to the Dream Dashboard and all its contents, but can keep and continue to use any resources you already downloaded. You will not get access to any new files or trainings.

    Additionally, Bloom members who cancel will continue to have access to all the resources inside any Notion templates that they copied into their own Notion account, along with the Leader License for those products.

    Do I need a paid Notion account?

    No, a Notion account is not necessary. You can access the Dream Dashboard from within your Members area after you login to the membership.

    Bloom members who want to access the Dream Dashboard without logging into the members area and/or organize their own resources also inside the Dream Dashboard, will need to duplicate the Notion template into their own personal Notion account. It will work fine with the free plan, although any new file uploads cannot exceed 5 MB per file. See Notion pricing plans HERE. (#afflink)

    Do I need a paid Canva account?

    All the templates will work fine using a free Canva account. 

    Can I use these designs, printables and templates to create products to sell?

    No. I may offer PLR or commercial use products in the future, but all the files, designs and templates in the Fruitful Creativity Studio are for personal use only. However, Bloom members will also be allowed to use select files for discipleship, ministry and teaching creative skills at in-person classes. But you are not allowed to use the files, designs or templates to create products to sell or include in paid courses or memberships.



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